About Me

Colleen Broderick has served education for 20 years as a teacher, an instructional coach, and a staff developer, splitting her career between public school reform and international education. She has served on teams to open four different schools, two internationally with International School Services and two in Denver, Colorado through a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  She recently transitioned from Director of Teaching and Learning for the American School of Sao Paulo, a PK- 12 learning community that serves over 35 different nationalities to work with Expeditionary Learning as Director of Online Professional Development.  Previously she served as a regional director and school designer with Expeditionary Learning, facilitating professional learning and leadership support across a variety of Colorado schools. 

You can follow her on Twitter at @CBroderic

  1. I bend my soul and my mind to your inspirational energy and action, Colleen. Shall I learn from and with you as long as possible. Obrigada

  2. Candace Wainwright

    A lovely comment above and a lovely photo. Found through my friend, David Sykes. Would love to connect. Am working with Scott and Lorri in NYC. We miss you and would love to work with you again. Candy

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