“If we didn’t have the schools we have, what would we create?”

It’s an honor to serve as a theme curator this year for Connected Educator’s Month.  The following post captures the learning from week one, and was also posted on the Innovations Blog Site. Looking forward to growing my own professional learning network this month in an effort to launch new levels of collaboration.

Moving From Connection to Collaboration

It’s almost fair to say that the theme of From Connection to Collaboration serves as the throughline for Connected Educator Month. What greater outcome can come from the intentional launch of connecting educators from around the world, but to empower them to build and act on these connections? The Kick Off panel with  Tom Carroll, Kecia Ray, Connie Yowell, Marc Prensky and Yong Zhao are experienced voices in the quest for greater collaboration. They highlighted the challenge of not only building online communities but the critical importance of sustaining connections with the ultimate goal of nurturing collaboration in a way that moves the field forward. Tom Carroll presented the question all of us dream of answering when he asked, “If we did not have today’s schools, what would we create?”  And the panel was not without ideas.

Mind/Shift did a great job capturing the panelists’ perspective of  what it really means to reimagine education in the 21st century in Katrina Schwartz’s blog entitled The Key to Empowering Educator’s? True Collaboration. Match this with the “wow” moments in teaching and learning in a networked world highlighted by the Reform Symposium E-Conference, and every educator has at their fingertips inspiring ideas born from connecting and collaborating. You can find a stellar archive of the conference recordings, here.

We recognize connection takes time and want to remind you of tools that can support you in growing  your connections this month – and beyond. The Connected Educators’ page list key resources for deepening your network. And the calendar – now tipping into 500 events – is the best place to align your learning needs with experiences that can lead to great collaboration. By clicking here, we’ve filtered the calendar to match the guiding goals of the theme, From Connection to Collaboration, beginning with today’s provocative blog posting on why being a connected educator is so important for our students.

The month is proving to offer the support we all need to transition from teaching organizations to learning organizations – and reimagining education in ways that empower all of us, educators and students alike,  to become something better.


About Colleen

Senior Fellow at The Donnell-Kay Foundation Chief Learning Designer, ReSchool Colorado

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  1. Colleen, it ‘s great to see you back blogging and I’m impressed that you are growing your network. Thanks for sharing this information with everyone.

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