Rekindling the Commitment

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I think last year’s World Cafe reminded all of us that collaboration is hard and is often uncomfortable. A number of colleagues pointed out that Professional Learning Communities are as much about who were are as learners as it is about supporting student success. As one colleague admitted, “I’ve learned a lot about myself as a learner. Collaboration is not always easy – it takes time, energy and practice.” Another stated, “I learned collaboration is challenging, but it’s necessary to go through the process in order to create change.”  Snapshots from this Wednesday’s PLC continues to highlight the power of our cross grade level and multidisciplinary teams.  What does some of that work look like?

  • Teachers turned to one another to examine case studies focusing on effective feedback strategies
  • Teachers used a dilemma protocol to get past barriers for using digital tools to nurture metacognition in the classroom
  • Teachers shared shifts in shared language aligning to the integration of key concepts from Theories of Knowledge across the high school
  • Teachers reported out on the impact of peer observations during workshop lessons
  • Teachers highlighted projects that enable more individualized learning
  • Teachers showcased depth of student learning and reflection through revised portfolios

In short, teachers used PLCs not only as a means of accountability to “force us to keep commitments for change” but inspired colleagues to reconsider a practice, an assessment, a day’s plan for supporting students better.


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Senior Fellow at The Donnell-Kay Foundation Chief Learning Designer, ReSchool Colorado

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