We’ve Got a Runner…

The first days of school definitely started for me in April when I began to pull together the thinking of the Professional Learning Advisory Council (PLAC) and calendar out the key learning structures  for 2012-2013 in advance… but when the “official day” dawns,  I can’t help but be pulled towards the lower school. I am dazzled by the pre-school teachers and their ability to shepherd three-year olds into a classroom, much like herding cats. And every now and then, when walking down the hall in those first few days, you can hear the quick steps of an escaped four-year old running down the hallway, and someone closing in to scoop them up and deliver them safely back to the classroom.

As I was typing up the rich list of questions that emerged from our opening faculty meeting, this same image emerged. How does Graded, the organization, shepherd a vast variety of interests and passions into the classroom, both to inspire teachers and to engage students?  In reflecting on the questions, it is clear that we are a community committed deeply to learning (which seems like a no-brainer for a school). But these questions are different. These questions are about returning to the messiness of finding balance in an educational landscape that continues to become more complex, which means a deep reflection on values.

Listening to the opening remarks at our first faculty meeting, I thought I might faint. Three conferences headed our way (GIN, Innovate and AASSA), and an Advanc-Ed Accreditation and IBO programme evaluation anchoring much of the work. If ever there was a time to reflect, then this is it. If every there was a time to set a course for Graded’s future, then this is it. And as overwhelmed as I know I feel on the second day of school, I know that if ever there was a time to ask good questions and run with an idea, then this is it.

Thank you for inspiring me – and making my head hurt (in good ways). I’m ready for 2012-2013.

Graded Staff Digs In:

Critical Friends Probe for Alignment between Expectations and Unit Design


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Senior Fellow at The Donnell-Kay Foundation Chief Learning Designer, ReSchool Colorado

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  1. I appreciate your reflection, Colleen. Thanks also for sharing the list of questions that came out of the first meeting we had…interesting to see what people are thinking about.

  2. Hi Colleen,

    I love the way that you have framed this because this is the perfect time for us to continue with the messiness while we chart the future of Graded. As always, we do need to take time to stop and reflect, individually and as a group, to gain clarity. Definitely an exciting time to be a member of the Graded community.

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